Tennis Academy

academy logoΑ. MINI TENNIS (6-9 years old)

The programme is designed so that the students can set solid foundations in acquiring correct technique. Through a wide variety of exercises and games, both with and without a racket, our students build on their skills and start playing tennis with points from the very first lessons. Finally, by soon implementing and combining technique, moves and tactic the students will comprehend and enjoy their game.

Β. JUNIOR TENNIS (9-15 years old)

The junior programme addresses older children who have already got some experience in playing tennis but also those children who are taking their first steps in this sport. This programme is especially formulated so that through a pleasant game the students can assimilate the basic technique and implement it. Also they learn how to move in the premises of the tennis court with more self confidence and how to play using tactic. In this way they are given the chance to enjoy a points based game and to familiarise themselves with actual game circumstances.


Teaching follows the ITF (INTERNATIONAL TENNIS FEDERATION) system ‘play + stay’. In this system a smaller court is used, with a shorter net, smaller rackets and lighter balls, all these adjusted to the children’s age. In this way the children will become acquainted with the sport in a faster and more effective way, playing in accordance with the points system from the very first days. In parallel there will be games with the ball so that the children become aware of time, space and the game rules.

The older children practise in a bigger court, depending on their level, with heavier balls and teaching includes games that enhance the students’ perceptive ability, speed and tactic. In this way the students are encouraged to analyse their moves during the game, they learn tennis rules easily and they improve their skills. So they enjoy playing with their friends and tennis becomes their favourite hobby for a lifetime.


Our academy aims at children getting to know the wonderful world of tennis by means of enjoying themselves and by constantly evolving. It is our priority that our students have a great time, that they get to love playing tennis and that through this sport they get to evolve ethically, mentally and socially.