THE GREEN operates all year round and the opening hours are set depending on the season.

At THE GREEN you have the option to rent a court on hourly rates, to play with your friends or with one of our coaches. It is a prerequisite that you wear tennis shoes if you wish to use the clay courts.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need any further information.



  • The athletes should be wearing the appropriate shoes that are suitable for the turfs. It is strictly forbidden for anyone to compete shirtless.
  • Behavior within and outside the courts should be orderly and decent, as dictated by sportsmanship. During the games, the spectators are not allowed to disturb the players in any way.
  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke within the premises as well as to bring food and beverages within the courts.
  • Arrival and departure times should be observed by all athletes.
  • Players should wait until the previous players have left the court and then enter it. All players should be punctual.
  • All players should keep the area clean and are responsible for removing from the court any bottles, plastic boxes, balls etc they have used during practice.
  • After the end of their practice, all players are requested to hand over the court to the next players that will use it having put in place the special carpet.
  • It is strictly forbidden to anyone to leave their dog or any other pet loose within the premises.